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KOTONOHA ~Wave for Koto beginners~

Welcome to Kotonoha!

Kotonoha is supporting Koto beginners, learners and listeners.

We provide the Koto learning material and information about Koto.

We hope the sound of Koto will be becoming familiar to you.

箏の波では、お箏を習い始めた方が、楽しくお稽古を続けるためのお手伝いや、お箏の音色に親しみを持っていただけるようなお手伝いをしています。 皆様の生活に、少しでもお箏が身近に感じていただけましたら幸いです。

We created healing music videos which are made from calmly sound of KOTO and beautiful movies.

We hope you enjoy these videos anytime you need.


Now new single released!

You can get New Single.

Seasonal Tone "Amazing Grace"  

Let's Listen →

KOTOLE is Kotonoha’s original learning material of Koto.

In this material, you can listen to only your part. And it is also possible to enjoy an ensemble with another part at your home.

Please go to the hall and let’s enjoy the sound of Koto!

Here is a blog about Koto.

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